How the New World Center is Changing the Art Scene in the US
How the New World Center is Changing the Art Scene in the US

The New World Center in Miami is revolutionizing the art scene in the United States. This new global art center brings together the best of the international and local art scenes to provide a comprehensive platform for the arts. It provides a sophisticated space for visual and performing arts with programs and exhibitions showcasing works from around the world. With its focus on innovation, creativity and collaboration, the New World Center is changing the way people experience and interact with art.

Designed by Frank Gehry, the New World Center is a concert hall and music school that promotes community engagement through a variety of unique monthly events. Here you can enjoy a performance with friends or use it for date night. The New World Center is wonderfully located in Miami Beach, so you can grab a bite to eat and a drink after the performance.

The campus is an innovative music education and performance center with state-of-the-art technical capabilities and an adjacent 2.5-acre public performance space where the institution will expand its programming. The campus is the first purpose-built facility for the New World Symphony.

Located at the intersection of music and architecture, the design for the Campus’ program-oriented building is the result of a long and close collaboration between two American art icons, Michael Tilson Thomas and Frank Gehry. The building is Gehry’s first commission in Florida.

The New World Center’s main entrance is set in a tall glass facade on the east façade, providing a view of the light-filled main atrium and the dramatic, curving forms of the interior spaces behind it. Using iron-free glass, the facade is completely clear and disappears when lit from within – by the skylight during the day and by the 44 programmable, multi-directional colored lights at night.

The iconic event hall is a technically sophisticated, flexible and impressive 756-seat space. Uniquely designed entrances lead into the hall from the atrium, with two winding corridors that gently narrow and then widen to dramatically open up the space. Visitors enter the hall in the center, right next to the stage, and are greeted by a 360-degree view of the space.

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